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Mobile marketing and communication software to build strong customer relationships.

Customer relationships are key to the success of any business. Relationships are built over time with trust, communication and a great product or service.

Smart phones are everywhere. Your customers text, connect on social networks and use apps every day to keep in touch with their friends and favorite businesses.

What are you doing to connect your business with your customers on smart phones?

At LokalMotion, we’ve developed 3 easy steps to Mobilize Your Business and start building personal relationships with your customers without giving your customer data to third party loyalty apps or networks.

Mobilize Your Telephone: We upgrade your business line to send and receive text messages.

Mobilize Your Website: Install the LokalMotion widget on your website so your visitors can send rewards via text message to their phone and unlock at your store.

Mobilize Customer Loyalty: Get a mobile app customized for your business and give your customers instant access to Real Time Rewards to unlock at your store on their smart phone.

So if you’re wanting to kick-start your customer communications, then now is the perfect time to Mobilize Your Business.

Jim Wanek
Founder | CEO

Three Easy Steps to Mobilize Your Business

Step 1: Mobilize Your Business Telephone

Send and receive text messages from your business phone number!

Get an auto attendant to greet callers, route calls and automatically send text messages to customers with links to view current rewards, order online, business hours, driving directions or anything you want.

mobilize tele4a

Step 2: Mobilize Your Website

Allow website visitors to text rewards to their phone!

Install the LokalMotion website app and convert your online fans into offline customers. Make it easy for customers to get a text message with a link to unlock rewards at your store.

mobilize website3

Step 3: Mobilize Customer Loyalty

Get a Custom Mobile App to reward customers with each visit to your store!

Get customers in your store with a Mobile Rewards App customized for your business and keep them coming back with personalized email, text message, Facebook and Twitter updates.

mobilize loyalty2b

Let’s Mobilize your business

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