A mobile engagement and rewards platform to bring customers in and keep them coming back

All the tools you need in one easy to use platform to promote your offline business to online customers.

Mobile Rewards

Reward off peak customers with a rewards program powered by LokalMotion to drive revenue and repeat business.

Mobile App

Connect with your customers at home, work and at your store with a mobile app customized for your business and hosted by LokalMotion.

Text Enabled Phone System

Get a mobile number from LokalMotion or port your existing line and get a powerful text enabled phone system for your business.

Online Rewards

Get a rewards website powered by LokalMotion and feature products, menu items and deals to drive off peak revenue.

POS Integration

Validate secure mobile coupons with your point of sale system to eliminate fraud and measure performance.

Customer CRM

Get to know your customers and deliver personalized campaigns with customer CRM powered by LokalMotion.

Email Alerts

Stop blasting email campaigns and start sending targeted, personalize email alerts to your loyal customers with email marketing powered by LokalMotion.

Text Message Alerts

Unleash the power of mobile marketing, sent personalized text message updates to your opt-in lists to drive foot traffic and repeat business.

Social Media Updates

Leverage social media marketing, automatically update your Facebook fans and Twitter followers with rewards, news and events based on your marketing calendar.

Know your customers and drive revenue when you need it the most

Finally, a marketing solution that automatically published rewards during off peak hours and turns them off when you are busy.

One platform to connect with your customers on any device at home, work and at your store. Convert you online fans to offline customers with our all-in-one marketing and rewards platform for brick and mortar businesses.

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