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Business Stress – 5 Top Uses of Journaling For Reducing Business Stress

Journaling should not be a dreaded chore.

This is a personal written communication to you.

Journaling for business reasons has creative power to accelerate your success.

1. Remembering and recalling business meetings-
When you write in a business journal the important ideas that you gleaned from the meeting, you have taken an active role in the participation of that meeting. While it is, true that in a few days you will probably get a written copy of the minutes of the meeting e-mailed to you, the personal notes you took will be much more effective if you a certain amount of accountability or responsibility for issues brought up in the meeting. You have these notes for future references as well.

2. Retrieval of contact information-
The importance of the networking contacts or referral contacts is critical to your success. Just having a stack of business cards with quick notes jotted down on them is not enough. The journal entry will give you the specific information needed in effectively communicating in the future with the contact.

3. Inspirations and ideas-
The inspirations can come into your head at any time.
You need a logical place to put this information. The use of yellow sticky notes is not very effective. Besides important information can get lost this way, a tab for the inspirations in your journal will also help keep the stress of looking though the journal for the right spot at a minimum. When inspiration hits, it is best to get it down on paper as soon as possible Atlanta Business Journal .

4. Places of interest-
When you are in a new city and find a great restaurant, you need the perfect place to jot down the name, the phone number and the directions to this special place. Your mind will be already prepared to write information in your journal that this special interest will fit very well in your routine.

Another suggestion is that while you were participating in your meetings you got a great tip on an up coming event that you need to go to this is also a special interest. Put all these timely tips in your journal and declutter your mind of information and stress.

5. Those things that you should have done-
There will always be things that were not done or were not done completely while you were busy tending to business. Write these ideas down in a positive way, because you what to resolve the issues not dread them. Remember the unfinished business can be a doorway to an opportunity for success.

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